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Q: What browser does QuickSurveys work best in?

A: For the best possible experience, please use the Google Chrome browser.


Q: How do I sign up to use QuickSurveys?

A: Sign up to be a QuickSurveys user from our homepage, or click here to access the registration page.


Q: Do I have to pay to sign up to be a QuickSurveys user?

A: No, signing up for QuickSurveys is absolutely free. Sign up today and give us a try!


Q: Why do I need a subscription to access certain features?

A: Perhaps not surprisingly, a subscription is required when launching to your own list of contacts and using our more advanced survey features including: Advanced Reporting and Analytics, Random Assignment, Secure Video Hosting, Piping & Masking, Operational Quotas and Unlimited E-Mail Invites. If you launch to the Toluna global panel of millions of consumers, premium features are included at no additional cost. To subscribe to our premium feature plan, simply add any of those features when building your survey and you'll be prompted on the Launch page to subscribe to launch your survey. Read this post for more information on the features we offer in a subscription. 


Q: I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

A: Click the “Sign In” button located at the top right of your screen. Then click “Forgot your Password” and follow the instructions to retrieve your password.


Q: How do I update my personal information?

A: Simply log in to your account and select “Account” in the top-right corner of your screen. You may then click the edit icon located to the right of account detail.


Q: Where can I view my account activity?

A: Log in to your QuickSurveys account and click the “Account” link located in the top right of your screen. Here you'll be able to view your activity, such as surveys launched, credits purchased and the current status of your subscription.


Q: Can I deactivate my QuickSurveys account?

A: Yes, you can deactivate your account at any time. Simply log in and click the "Account" section in the top right of the page. Next, click the "Unsubscribe" link located below your account details. (NOTE: If you unsubscribe from QuickSurveys, you will no longer be able to access your account information, email lists, surveys and reports that you created. Any remaining balance of QuickSurveys credits will also be lost.)


Q: How many surveys can I create in QuickSurveys?

A: As many as you want! There is no limit.


Q: What is an internal survey name?

A:  The internal name is a way for you to give your survey a descriptive name that is only visible to you through your QuickSurveys account on the Manage Surveys page. 


Q: How do I rename my survey?

A:  Go to the “Define” page of that survey. It’s the number 1 icon located at the top-right corner of your screen when you're in the build screen. Be sure to hit the "Continue" button after modifying the survey name so that it's saved. (NOTE: This can be done once a survey is launched only if AskToluna was not used)


Q: Can I change the survey category after I have launched my survey?

A:  No, you cannot change the category after a survey has been launched.


Q: Is it required to assign a category to every survey?

A:  Yes, every survey must be assigned a category.


Q: Can I save the questions I’ve added to my survey to reuse at a later time?

A: Of course. To the top right of each question is a star. Click on the star to save it to your Question Bank. You can then access these questions later from the build screen by clicking the Question Bank icon at the bottom of the menu on the left of the screen.


Q: Can I disable the previous button in my survey?

A: Yes, you can use the Hide Back Button which is an option that removes the ability for respondents to navigate backwards to a previous survey page therefore prohibiting them from editing their responses. You can access this feature by logging into your account. Once you are on the Define page, click on Customize Survey, where you will then be able to see the option to Hide Back Button. For more info on the Hide Back Button, see this post 


Q: How many questions can I have in a QuickSurvey?

A: There is a maximum of 50 questions when launching your survey to the Toluna panel via the AskToluna launch option. When launching to your own list, there is no limit.


Q: I want respondents to be required to select a certain number of answers. How do I do that?

A: Set your question type to “Ranking.” Then you can input the minimum and maximum number of choices you want respondents to be required to select.


Q: Do I have to select demographic questions for my survey?

A: No, including our preset demographic questions in your survey is not mandatory. If you are launching your survey to the Toluna panel via the AskToluna launch option, demographic information will automatically populate in your report, as QuickSurveys stores each panelist's information. However, if you're launching to your own list and would like to capture demographic information from each respondent, you can select which attributes to capture from the demographic questions tab on the far left of the Build screen of your survey.


Q: I’m receiving errors while previewing my survey. What can I do to fix it?

A: The first step is to clear your cache. If you continue to experience issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for help at support@quicksurveys.com.


Q: Is my survey mobile friendly?

A: Yes, your survey is 100% mobile compatible. 


Q: What is a filter?

A: A filter allows you to create skip patterns, screen out respondents, or force a respondent to complete the survey based on conditions you set within the filter and how respondents answer your survey questions.


Q: How many filters can I have in my survey?

A: You can have an unlimited amount of filters in your survey.


Q: The filter logic I set isn’t working. Why?

A: Make sure you don’t have any extra filters. Including extra filters can cause the filters that are set properly to not work. Also make sure you don’t have any duplicate filters going to a different condition.


Q: What is Random Assignment?

A: Random Assignment allows you to concept test without bias by randomly displaying blocks of concepts (including text, videos and images) and or questions with your target audience. This feature randomly assigns respondents to ensure each respondent has an equal change of being assigned to a concept group. This way, you can rest assured that any changes observed after comparing the data are due to the concepts themselves - not the characteristics of the audience. See this post for a step-by-step guide. 


Q: What is Secure Video Hosting?

A: This feature allows you to embed video directly into your survey from your own device, with the peace of mind that your content is protected. Respondents are required to watch the video from beginning to end before continuing to the next page and do not have the ability to pause, rewind or fast-forward the video. You may also include an optional watermark for additional security.


Q: Can you check for "speeders" and valid data?

A: This is an issue every research tool deals with. Toluna does check for "speeders" (respondents believed to be providing invalid answers to complete a survey as quickly as possible). These respondents are then flagged and are not invited to participate in any further surveys. If you're suspicious of invalid data of this kind and would like to view the data for yourself at the respondent level, you may easily export the raw data file from the standard Report page.


Q: Can I customize my survey?

A: Yes, on the Define page of any survey, users have the ability to add a logo and edit a number of customizable options including color schemes, hiding the Back Button, as well as hiding the Survey Title. 


Q: Can I make changes to the free survey templates?

A: Yes, all of our free survey templates can be customized to specifically fit your research needs. Think of these templates as a starting point for your own survey that you may modify accordingly.


Q: What are my launch options?

A: You can launch via AskToluna or AskToluna Pro to access Toluna's global community of millions of consumers, or launch via a web link, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or embed a widget to your website.


Q: What is AskToluna Pro?

A: AskToluna Pro is another targeting option which provides users access to millions of global consumers and the ability to select very specific demographic and profile targets. AskToluna Pro is ideal for surveys requiring complex targeting and includes:

•             25+ demographic targets

•             50+ profiles

•             DMA and MSA targeting

•             Interlocking quotas


Q: How AskToluna Pro different from AskToluna?

A: Both AskToluna and AskToluna Pro enable you to create a fully customizable survey, however the main differentiator is in relation to the audience you need. If you have your own respondent list or the same targeting choices you’ve always used on QuickSurveys, you’re able to create a survey under AskToluna without any additional options. If you need to reach a niche segment, however, or have complex targeting, then AskToluna Pro is the right choice for you.


Q: How does the pricing for AskToluna Pro work?

A: The pricing is calculated based on three main components: the sample targeted, the number of people requested, and the number of questions in the survey. Visiting the Target page within a new survey using AskToluna Pro is a great way to find out pricing.


Q: Is AskToluna Pro a Premium Feature?

A: No. Premium features relate specifically to the building portion of the survey. AskToluna Pro is for targeting only.


Q: How do I create a survey with AskToluna Pro?

A: On the main QuickSurveys dashboard, there is a button at the top of the page entitled “+ CREATE SURVEY”. Click this button and a drop-down menu will appear with three choices: AskToluna, AskToluna Pro and My Own Audience. There is additional information regarding each option available to you by hovering over the “?” to the right of the selection choice.


Q: How do I duplicate a survey with AskToluna Pro?

A: Simply hover over the three dots icon to the far right of your survey within the QuickSurveys dashboard. From there select Duplicate, add the audience you’re looking to target within the new version of your survey and customize from there.


Q: What happens if I’ve created a survey with AskToluna and I want to change to AskToluna Pro or vice versa?

A: Simply duplicate the survey and choose the other audience you’d like to select. Please see question above for the details on how to duplicate


Q: On the Target screen, why can I edit the Respondents field when using AskToluna Pro?

A: This field allows you to enter the number of people you would like to have start your survey. Based on the Targeting selections made, this is the number of people that will be invited to take your survey. If you have included additional screener questions, then you’ll want to increase your requested number of respondents to ensure you’re receiving the total number of total completes desired


Q: Do I need to turn on base demographics with AskToluna Pro?

A: With AskToluna Pro, you don’t need to remember to turn the demographics on before launching a survey. The base demographics will automatically be included report.


Q: How do I know how long my survey will take to complete when using AskToluna Pro?

A: On the launch page, ‘Days in Field’ is displayed. This reflects the minimum number of estimated days required to fulfill your survey request based upon the targets selected, number of respondents requested, and the length of the survey. This field is not editable as it automatically is calculated to return the minimum value for your convenience.


Q: Can I revise my targets after I launch the survey when using AskToluna Pro?

A: No, once the survey has been launched, the Targets selected cannot be edited.


Q: Can I add more respondents to my survey after it’s launched when using AskToluna Pro?

A: Yes, you can add more respondents to your survey while it is live or after it is closed when using AskToluna Pro.


Q: How many people can I upload at once in an email upload?

A: You can upload 10,000 email contacts at one time to help ensure successful delivery.


Q: I'd like to close my survey even though it hasn't completed. How do I close my survey?

A: You can pause a survey one of two ways: either select the pause icon from the Action bar on your Survey Management homepage, or simply go to that particular survey’s “Launch” page and hit the pause button. A few more respondents may come into your survey if you paused it while they were actively taking the survey, but no more respondents will be able to enter your survey after you have paused it.


Q: Can I adjust my launch start and end date and time?

A: Yes, this option is located at the top right of the launch page.  When adjusting times, keep in mind that if the survey was sent out to the TolunaPanel, the survey will automatically close once the total number of respondents are achieved. (NOTE: For subscription users scheduling a survey for launch, your subscription must be active on the date of launch for the survey to successfully launch.)


Q: Am I able to set quotas when launching to the AskToluna panel?

A: Yes, you can set quotas on the Launch page of your survey. After selecting the AskToluna launch option, simply click “Target your audience” to select up to 3 targets. For surveys sent to your own list, you're also able to set a limit on the total number of respondents who can participate in your survey by selecting the "Limit number of respondents" option listed on the right side of the Launch page. (NOTE: DO NOTuse the "Limit number of respondents" feature when sending a survey to the Toluna panel, as this will offset any targeting/quotas you have in place.)


Q: Can I preview my survey before I launch it?

A: Yes, in fact we encourage you to always preview your survey before launch. To do this, simply select the "Preview" button located at the bottom of the Build screen, or from the "Actions" bar from your Manager Surveys homepage by selecting "Test." You can also preview at the question level by selecting the "Preview" button within a question from the build screen.


Q: Can I launch without setting any target country?

A: When launching a survey via AskToluna, it's mandatory to select a target country so we know what market you're surveying and what language you're using.


Q: How does targeting work with AskToluna?

A: In addition to country, you can select up to 3 demographics to target your audience. When you target using the AskToluna launch option, your survey will only display on the Toluna.com website to those panelists qualified to participate in your survey based on your indicated targeting.


Q: Can I exclude respondents from other surveys I've launched?

A: Yes. On the launch page click “Exclude previous survey participants” located on the top right side of your screen prior to launching.


Q: When should I select “Allow multiple responses per device”?

A: The purpose of checking "Enable multiple responses per device" is to allow your own list of respondents to take the surveys multiple times. This option should not be checked when sending out via the AskToluna launch option, so if you've checked it in order to test your survey, be sure to uncheck it before launching your live survey.


Q: When do I need to limit the number of respondents?

A: Only limit the total number of respondents when sending out to your own list.


Q: Can I ask the same survey in multiple languages?

A: The survey will display to the respondents in whatever language it is programmed in.  


Q: Can I change my targets or quotas once I have launched my survey?

A: After a survey has been launched, targeting and quotas cannot be changed.


Q: I launched my survey through the QuickSurveys email option, but now I want to add more emails to be sent. How can I do that?

A:  Create an additional email list excluding your original list (unless you want to send out to them again). If your survey is still open, the emails will be deployed immediately.


Q: How long do surveys take to complete?

A: It depends on your targeting and screening questions. The more targeting and screening questions you have, the longer your survey may take to complete. You could get up to 2,000 responses in 24 hours.  If you have feasibility or timing questions, you can reach out to us directly.


Q: How many completes can I get in one survey?

A: There is no limit to the amount of completes per survey. However, when sending to the Toluna panel via the AskToluna launch option, you may only send your survey to a maximum of 5,000 respondents at one time. You may continue to add additional respondents after your initial launch.


Q: I clicked launch, so why aren't there any completes coming into my survey from the Toluna panel?

A: You may have neglected to click the blue “Add” button after selecting your total number of respondents. To resolve this issue, go to the survey's Launch page, click the blue "Add" button, then click the green "Launch" button again.


Q: How do I view my survey results?

A: Sign in to your account and click the on the “Reports” icon. Select the relevant survey you want to review the results for. Analyze the results directly on the reports page or download them to Excel or PowerPoint.


Q: How quickly can I see survey results?

A: Once the first respondent answers your survey, your report page will be visible. From that point forward, your survey results will populate in real time until your survey has reached its quota. These results are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Q: Can I see the results of respondents who have dropped out of my survey?

A: No, QuickSurveys will provide you with results to Complete, Screenouts and Over Quota.


Q: How do I purchase credits?

A: To purchase credits by credit card or PayPal, simply follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account and click the yellow "Add More" button in the top right of your screen, or the "Account" tab and then "Buy More Credits."

2. In the payment calculator, indicate the number of respondents, questions, and your target(s). The price will automatically re-calculate upon clicking “Update Cart.”

3. Select your payment type (PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express). If you have a promotional code, you may enter it here click "Redeem."Once payment information is, simply click the "Buy" button and proceed to the checkout.

4. Enter your billing details to finish your purchase.

NOTE: If you prefer to be invoiced for credits, please contact the QuickSurveys team at support@quicksurveys.com.


Q: How much does it cost to collect demographic information from my own list using the preset demographic questions?

A: All of the demographic questions asked via the Demographics tab on the Build page are free.


Q: Do I have to pay for screenouts?

A: Yes, if you are launching your survey to the Toluna Panel, you are charged for every question and every person in your survey, whether they answer each question or not.


Q: Do I need to pay again if I re-launch my survey after pausing it?

A: You will only need to pay if you are adding additional respondents via the AskToluna launch option or if you are adding the advanced reporting and analytics feature to a free survey not sent to the Toluna panel.


Q: What QuickSurveys features do I need to pay for?

A: While the QuickSurveys tool is 100% free to use with our powerful standard features, we do require a monthly subscription when launching to your own list of contacts and using any our advanced features: Advanced Reporting and Analytics, Random Assignment, Secure Video Hosting, Piping & Masking, Operational Quotas and Unlimited E-Mail Invites. We also charge a small fee to apply SmartSelect methodology for nationally representative sample within the United States, or if you need assistance with survey scripting, programming or analysis. There is also a charge to use any of the automated survey tools in our PowerSuite. Contact us for more information at support@quicksurveys.com.


Q: What is PowerPack?

A: PowerPack is our fully-automated, real-time package testing tool created to accelerate time to insight and speed to shelf. Through an intuitive wizard and industry-proven methodology, users are able to run package tests to understand the overall strengths and weaknesses of their package concept, message or design ten times faster than traditional methods and at a fraction of the coast. Watch the video here, or read our blog to understand more.


Q: What is PowerConcept?

A: PowerConcept is Toluna's fully-automated, real-time concept testing tool. Through an intuitive wizard and automated methodology powered by Harris Interactive, users are able to run concept tests to understand the overall strength of their branding, product, or advertising concepts ten times faster than traditional methods and at a fraction of the cost. 


Q: What is PowerPosition?

A: PowerPosition is our fully automated strategic positioning tool that provides you with actionable insights based on what matters most to your consumers. With PowerPosition, sophisticated positioning studies can be launched and completed within hours and at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions! You'll simply define your brand or product, identify competitors, list ten attributes to evaluate and identify your audience. We take it from there and build the survey in real time on the back end and provide you with a ready-to-share infographic of diagnostic and actionable insights, seven PowerPoint slides with directional insights and the full reporting dashboard for customized reporting and visualization. You can access PowerPosition from the PowerSuite tab located in the Define page of your survey screen. Contact us for more information at support@quicksurveys.com.


Q: What is PowerAttitudes?

A: PowerAttitudes is our fully automated tool that provides immediate insights on what attitudes drive usage and purchase behavior across brands, products and stores. With PowerAttitudes, you get high-quality results at a fraction of the cost (and time) than with traditional research alternatives. Simply define your brand or product and up to three competing brands or products, enter product perceptions to be evaluated, list ten traits to be assessed for improvement opportunities, create 10 usage statements and identify your audience. PowerAttitudes takes it from there building your survey in just minutes and delivering you powerful insights in real time. Every PowerAttitudes study comes with a ready-to-share infographic of diagnostic and actionable insights, seventeen fully editable and customizable PowerPoint slides with directional insights and full reporting for advanced analysis and visualization. PowerAttitudes can be accessed through the PowerSuite tab located in the Define page of your survey screen. Contact us for more information at support@quicksurveys.com.



Q: How much will my survey cost if I’m using my own sample list?

A: There is no charge to launch a survey to your own list as long as you're using our standard survey features. If you're adding any of our premium features (Advanced Reporting, Random Assignment, Secure Video Hosting, Operational Quotas, Piping & Masking and Unlimited E-Mail invites), you'll be required to subscribe to our monthly premium features plan to launch your survey.


Q: What is the cost of sending a survey to the Toluna panel?

A: QuickSurveys is credit based.

For questions regarding the pricing guidelines of surveys with demographic targeting, please contact the QuickSurveys team at support@quicksurveys.com.


Q: Can I cross-tabulate my survey data on the standard Report page?

A: Yes, you can cross-tabulate your questions on the standard Report page by demographic information. Simply click on “View Answers By” tab within the preferred question, and select the demographic attribute you'd like to cross-tabulate by. For custom cross tabulations, please subscribe to our monthly premium features plan to use the advanced reporting and analytics feature.


Q: Can I password protect my data when sharing it with someone else?

A: Though all of your data is kept 100% confidential if you choose to share your data via the reporting page, there is an option to protect it with a password. To do so, make sure your survey is upgraded to include advanced reporting and analytics, then click on the Share icon in the top navigation. Here, you'll see the various options for sharing a report with others, including adding a password.


Q: Can I see individual respondent data?

A: Yes, by exporting the raw data report from your standard Report page, you will see respondent level results. You may also export SPSS data on the reporting page to get individual respondent data.


Q: I want to send my list out to my own list and keep track of who takes the survey. How can I do that?

A: From the demographics tab on your Build page, you can select Contact Information to help you link back to who took your survey. Selecting “Full name” and “Email” would be most effective. If you export your raw data, you can see a list of names and emails in your data.


Q: What is AskTheNation?

A: AskTheNation takes sample size and panelist information like age, gender, race, ethnicity, education, region and household income into account. Based on census data, each sample of 300 respondents or more is weighted to get the exact demographic profile of gender, age and region of the national population. Wherever nationally-representative survey results are available, you can view them at no additional cost. 


Q: How many respondents do I need to use AskTheNation in my reporting?

A: In order to use free AskTheNation feature on the standard Report page, you need to have at least 300 respondents and only target by country.


Q: Is the device someone is taking a survey on recorded?

A: Yes, you are able to see the following devices: iPhone, iPhone Mobile App., Android, Android Mobile App., iPad, iPad Mobile App., and Stationary.


Q: Is the Toluna panel representative?

A: Yes, the Toluna panel is representative. For additional information about the Toluna panel, you may refer to the Toluna panel book here.


Q: Where can I find out more information about costs?

A: You can find more information about costs at the following location:



Q: Why can't I make any modification to a live survey when asking Toluna panel members?

A: The price of the survey is established by the number of questions in the survey, and so with the exception of the survey title, it cannot be modified once it's live.


Q: How is VAT calculated?

A: New basic VAT rule for supplies of services in the EU:

On 1st January 2010 two new basic rules were introduced for the “place of supply of services”. The place of supply of services is important because it decides if VAT is chargeable and whether you need to register for VAT in another member state.

The new rules are:

1. If the customer is outside the EU (for example the US), no VAT is charged.

2. Within the EU, if the customer is a business, the services are supplied in the country where the customer belongs. When dealing with a business in another EU member state Toluna will need to obtain the customer’s VAT number. The checkout process and account management pages provide fields to enter VAT numbers. Without a valid EU VAT number, the customer can only be considered as “not in business”. In this case, Toluna does not need to charge VAT. The customer accounts for VAT under what is called the “reverse charge."

3. Within the EU, if the customer is not in business, the place of supply is where the supplier belongs. If the customer is not in business, normally a private individual, then the supplier must charge VAT of the supplier’s country. In our case, the services are provided by Toluna SAS, which is a company based in France. Therefore, the French VAT rate will apply.

This content is modified from an article that originally appeared on: http://www.orangeandgold.co.uk/blog/2011/2/selling-services-eu.html

For references, please check the following links: