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Toluna QuickSurveys is reimagining market research by being the only truly free online survey tool on the market. Use it to send surveys to as many people as you want, ask as many questions as you need, and analyze the data with our real-time online reporting tool. It's 100% free.


We put the power of advanced analytics and data visualization at your fingertips. Our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use data reporting tool is optimized to be performance savvy for the novice and expert analyst alike and your data is always updated in real time.


Share any survey with your social circle! In just a few clicks, you can engage respondents and peers via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, or emebed your survey in your blog or website. Every survey is also mobile optimized, so you can be sure you're able to reach respondents on the go!


Our focus on creating socially relevant and engaging panel communities ensures we communicate with members on a far deeper level than the competition. Tapping into the community can generate 2,000 responses in under 24 hours, as Toluna routinely achieves over 1 million votes per day.


Invite your own respondents 100% free of charge, or tap into the multi-million member Toluna panel of active consumers across 66 markets who are always ready to answer your questions!

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

QuickSurveys puts the power of advanced analytics at your fingertips with the option to upgrade your reporting.

Our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use data reporting tool is optimized to be performance savvy for the novice and expert analyst alike.


Reporting Features

For questions about using our advanced reporting and analytics features, please visit the Help section, or contact our support team at

Upgrading to our advanced analytics and reportings feature gives you instant access to:

  • Create custom cross-tabulations and data tables
  • Conduct all levels of significance testing
  • Create custom weights
  • Create sub-populations
  • Customize confidence intervals
  • Create filtered reports for collaboration
  • Import and export in SPSS format
  • Share your findings with others and manage their permissions
  • Prepare personalized PowerPoint presentations with the click of a button
  • Results populate in real time without having to refresh the page
  • Data is encrypted and password-protected View results in time slices and waves

Standard Reporting Features

Powerful reporting also comes standard for all QuickSurveys users, making it easy to analyze and segment your online survey results into actionable insights.

Our standard reporting tool features:

  • Receive results in real time without refreshing the report page
  • Export reports including any tabulations, filters and charts you want to display into XLS or PPT format
  • Export raw data files for a deeper look into results and remove outliers or specific target segments
  • Cross-tabulate your results by demographic questions for a detailed breakdown of how different segments of respondents answer specific questions
  • Weight your data in real time with our proprietary 'Ask the Nation' algorithm
  • Share reports with colleagues, clients, customers or friends in real-time via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Also share a link or post it on your website or blog.
  • To learn more about our standard reporting tool, visit our Help section.

Customers testimonials

Kirsty Higgins, Head of Insight, RAPP

The QuickSurveys survey went really well last night – we completed in about half an hour. The pitch team was so mesmerised at how the system works that I had a huddle of them round my desk at 9.30pm last night watching the results come in real-time. I just love it!

Monika Svobodova, Senior Research Executive, Impact Research

We’re a full service market research firm who are always looking for new and innovative tools. We switched from Survey Monkey to Toluna QuickSurveys last year for our customer satisfaction work. It’s a flexible and easy-to-use tool – and what’s more it’s free to use! Love it!